Going to Niigata


I stayed in Niigata; it’s on the way to Nagano. It’s about 270 km (about 167 miles) and takes about 6 hours by car because there is no express way. I was going to drive to Nagano directly at first, but it must be very far. Because of distance and I had some free coupon for a hotel in Niigata, I stayed there. I have lived there for many years, so I used to drive from Niigata to Akita every year. I thought I knew where there were, but lots of new things have come. Niigata has become more city. Last time I visit there was 4 years ago…………

Bandai Bridge

Here is one of good viewpoints of fireworks on summer festival if you can stand too many people.

This tower is called “Next 21.” There are shops, companies, and an observation on top.

City of Niigata


Ferry station

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