Role of Ambulance

In Japan, you don't have to pay for an ambulance if you call 119 (same as 911). So some poeple often use an ambulance instead of using a taxi.
I think I have mentioned my brother is a fire fighter. According to Japanese law, fire fighter can refuse to bring people to a hospital when they call, and if they seem to be light injured. But my brother said "we have to decide if they are ok or not." Fire fighters are not a doctor, so they never know if their decision is right. Also, he said a doctor doesn't have any responsibility about fire fighters' decision. If my brother decides the person is ok and refuses to bring him to a hospital, nobody can take any responsibilities. That sounds unfair! However, fire figters have to reach as soon as possible the people who need help.
by naokochin1 | 2007-06-05 21:12 | Japan Summer 2007

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