Kappa Sushi Restaurant


e0055091_182358100.jpgThere are three kinds of sushi restaurants in Japan. One is like a usual restaurant. A waiter or a waitress comes to you to take order. Another one is that it has only counter and you don’t know how much each sushi is until you pay for that. It’s usually expensive. You might need at least $100 for a person. Third one is similar to the second one, but there is one big difference. Sushi rotates at the third sushi restaurant. We call it “mawaru sushi.” Mawaru means rotate.
e0055091_18243326.jpgThey have some colored plates, and prices depend on the color. One plate has two pieces of sushi, and each plate costs 100yen, 200yen, 300yen or 400yen…..so you don’t have to worry how much you pay when you leave =).

If you want to eat miso soup, you can ask in person.



by naokochin1 | 2007-05-23 18:20 | Food in Japan 2007

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