About Beauty Shop in Akita

Do you know where Akita is? Akita is my hometown =) It’s a northern part of Japan, and I think latitude is same as Seattle in the US. It snows in winter and has four seasons. Also, Akita is known by Akita dog. That’s a big Japanese dog. The statue of Hachi in front of Shibuya station is one of the most famous Akita dog.

Akita has the most beauty shops in Japan. I mean, actual number of them in Tokyo is more than Akita.
Population of Akita has been decreasing. According to Wikipedia, Akita is the 37th number of population among 47 prefectures even though the size is the 5th largest. However, there are many beauty shops. My friend said she takes her one-year-old son to a beauty shop to get a hair cut for him. Here are many people who are like her.
by naokochin1 | 2007-05-21 21:57 | Japan Summer 2007

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