Getting a Cell and Hair Cut



It’s pretty cold in Akita. It’s around 60F and rains a lot. I didn’t expect here is still cold. I should have brought my winter clothes back from the US. I have been doing job entries and try to make appointments for a job interview. I think I have a lot of experience, but I will be here for less than three months. Because of that, it makes me difficult to find jobs. But I don’t know what it will be yet. I was here for just three days.

I got a hair cut. I haven’t been to a beauty shop to get a hair cut since 2005. That was before I just came to America. That's why I was so satisfied. I became more beautiful anyway =)

e0055091_20493446.jpgAlso, I got a cell phone. I was going to buy a prepaid cell, but there were very few prepaid phone services in Japan. I think there are 4 popular cell phone companies in Japan, and two of them provide prepaid service. Those two companies will stop providing prepaid service next year even though there are people who want to use a prepaid phone, like travelers and parents for kids. Anyway, I have no idea how to use my new cell phone. I have been using such a dull phone in the US, so I realized a Japanese cell phone has too many instructions that I need to know. I feel like an old woman. If I am young, I can easily get used to do it. =(
by naokochin1 | 2007-05-18 20:45 | Japan Summer 2007

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